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naruto 689 spoiler

naruto 689

Kakashi getting possessed by Obito’s spirit and getting 2 MS eyes and a Madara level Susano with wings is so retarded I can’t even put it into words. I think its a big smaller but it more then compensates with his damn wings. How the fucking hell did Kakashi instantly developed a Susano like that when Sasuke needed to go trough different stages? It was NOT instant and he needed a lot of hate to keep increasing in power. Even Itachi and was not even close to this (ignoring his special weapons that are not part of Susano). Then let’s move on to Sasuke. Like what is the deal Kishi? He looks completely useless. I am not one of his biggest fans but this is getting ridiculous. He should be providing as much as Naruto in this and from where I am stating 1 of Naruto’s clones provides more then Sasuke (exaggeration a bit).

Well, that was unexpected. It also came completely out of nowhere. I am not sure if it is a bad development either, the chapter was kinda numbing in a way. Its like, “WTF did I just read” but not quite in a bad way, I seriously can’t process this. I can see why obito in his otherworld form would look like a child but acting like that? come on, he actually is a grown ass man who attempted to destroy the world. He has no business acting naruto-ish. He should be all gloomy and regretful and serious. Though that makes him too much like sasuke…. I guess being like naruto is not as bad. Still terrible though. Still, it is weird tht obito just edo tenseied himself into being kakashi’s sharingan.

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