Naruto 698 Chapter – Sakura Stop the Battle

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naruto 698 chapter

naruto 698 manga

I’m of two minds on this whole issue. On the one hand, Sauske can certainly handle “natural energy”. I mean, that’s what the Curse Seal pretty much was – a person being imbued with Jugo’s ability to use natural energy. It isn’t Sage mode. It’s more like “Sage Lite”. So Sage Chakra is different than just natural energy. Sage Chakra is a fusing of 33% physical energy, 33% spiritual energy, and 33% natural energy. So Sauske can handle Natural Energy, but not Sage chakra. Preta Pain was juiced with a buttload of just Natural energy. He couldn’t handle it, so he petrified. It takes a lot more natural energy to go into Sage mode than it does to manifest the Curse mark though. So I’m not really sure if Naruto pulled in that much nature energy whether or not Sauske could handle it. When Sauske was given a bunch of Jugo meat after he got clobbered by Bee, he wasn’t suddenly given his Curse mark back. So just getting a bunch of Jugo meat didn’t give him any real powers. It just healed him. Likewise, I don’t think what Kabuto did to him gave Sauske any powers or abilities either. It was just Kabuto healing Sauske. Hagoromo stated that the Rinnegan is awakened when Indra’s chakra is mixed with Ashura’s. It’s not really from Hashirama’s DNA, it’s from the Ashura chakra that was in his body. So when Hashirama gave Sasuke some chakra, it gave him the prerequisites to awaken the Rinnegan. It’s why he had a Rinnegan when got back up off the ground. Just like how Naruto obtaining truthseekers came from him having juubi chakra. It’s why he had them when he got up off the ground. Hagoromo didn’t give Sasuke a Rinnegan, and he didn’t give Naruto bujougoma. He did however give them his special chakra. I believe that’s the reason Sasuke’s Rinnegan took the tomoe form.

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