Naruto 698 Raw – Naruto’s Last Word

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naruto 698 chapter

naruto 698 manga

The fight has been anticlimatic from the get go. Sasuke being stronger than naruto does not make much sense at this point IMO. He does have a rinnengan but naruto should have the sage’s chakra… Sasuke having more chakra than naruto is specially asinine. Seriously, at this stage in the manga naruto running out of chakra? I get that sasuke can absorb chakra but naruto has sage chakra, the thing should kill sasuke outright. Anyways, the next stage is completely predictable. The manga is about fatalism, about repeating cycles and people being born to repeat the same thing as others. At least up to this chapter anyways. This fight is so far a repeat of hashirama vs madara…. Obviously what is in front of sasuke is a clone and just as he strikes the real naruto will land a hit on sasuke. I guess naruto can at least try to end the whole thing by no killing sasuke although in this particular case if sasuke dies it would effectively end the cycle of hatred, him being the last uchiha and all (unless he got karin pregnant). It is naruto’s chance to end the cursed sharingan once and for all. this was actually a good chapter with great fight that hasn’t been seen in so long. This is what I was waiting for. Also confirms my theory that Kyuubi Mode Naruto can shrug off Amaterasu and that Rinnegan is still his greatest weakness, regardless of what anyone says or teh experience he has. Hopefully now people will shut up about how fighting Rinnegan again and again makes him “immune” or whatever to it. And, it doesn’t matter that Naruto doesn’t have the speed or reflexes, as long as he has Kyuubi in him and its cooperation, Amaterasu is nothing more than a distraction for him. Though, wasn’t that a cl- nvm, doesn’t make a difference. If a clone could do that, then the real body should be able to as clones aren’t that resilient. This was an awesome fight, and I loved seeing both get back to basics, especially Naruto. I still don’t see Naruto dying, he’ll either stop Sasuke, or Sasuke will stop out of choice. This sort of fight should be up Naruto’s alley as he used to fight exhausted but without even thinking about giving up back in Part I. SHINE NARUTO, SHINE! Without the usual asspulls though.

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