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I don’t like any kind of stories with people who have the ability to see the future. It’s not just broken, it can’t be fit into any human logic. Premonition can be something interesting, but only if it is a thing that sees many possible futures at once. How can someone like the Soul King see the future and then do nothing about it? Does that imply that he doesn’t even have a free will on his own? Seeing the exact future (well it is not confirmed that the SK actually does) takes away the depth from ANY character involved. Every sacrifice somone makes is not an act of courage but only his fate. The logic of this arc is getting more and more flawed, it’s about to go down in a big bang. So in a single week or so we’ll soon have seen at last 4-5 ways of getting into the royal dimension, a thing Aizen was working on for basically the whole plot of the manga, even way before it even started. So now we are told to believe that the people who got repeatedly thrashed by some minor forces of the enemy (which the main villain could just eradicate at a whim) are all needed to actually go to a place where the five good guys who are supposed to be hax were thrashed by some better enemies and help them. Meanwhile we’ve got Ichigo who is basically just travelling arond from one location to another since the beginning of the arc and when he arrives his oppoents have already gone elsewhere. The story so far: Karakura Town -> Hueco Mundo: Oh damn, there is only one of them supposed to trap me here… so he can’t interfere because he is the one whose Bankai we can’t steal. Hueco Mundo -> Soul Society: Seems like SS is already beaten the moment he arrives with the strongest captains being defeated, killed or about to die. All Ichigo can do there is actually getting stomped by the right hand of the main villain. The main villain, who is later to be revealed as a being with the power of being able to control everything he sees, does not notice that the person he just stabbed didn’t actually die because of an ability he should be totally familiar with – because he basically invented it! He then needs to retreat because a guy who got every part of his body besides his face sealed up manages to deceive his perception of time by talking to him. Soul Society -> Royal Dimension, Royal Dimension -> Karakura Town, Karakura Town -> Royal Dimension: Just a little round trip to a place that is actually so hard to reach that we haven’t seen it for the whole manga. Royal Dimension -> Karakura Town: Show your progression by stomping the enemy while not wanting to actually defeat or kill any of them at all. Karakuara Town -> Royal Dimension: Arrived seconds to late. Where to go next? Hueco Mundo maybe?

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