Naruto 699 Chapter – A New Dream For Every Ninja

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naruto 699 chapter

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As for absorbing justsus, its clear sasuke can’t absorb and dish out attacks at the same time. Naruto didn’t throw any jutsu first, his jutsus were done to counter sasuke. If a bijuudama and susano arrow are about to clash, them Sasuke surely can’t absorb it. Considering sasuke was the one going for the kill, he dished out attacks first. If there was a panel where naruto threw something which sasuke didn’t absorb, then we can call plot. As for absorbing narutos chakra, sasukes has to be touching him, something that isn’t exactly easy. As far as I’m concerned there wasn’t anytime that sasuke could have absorbed that he didn’t. Their fight was a stalemate because when sasuke throws an attack, naruto does one to counter which sasuke can’t absorb because of the clash. Sasuke didn’t get to touch naruto and absorb his chakra because naruto could evade him with his superior senses and speed. However in future fights naruto might have the upper arm. As ninjabot rightly observed naruto not going for the kill is a bit trivial considering sasuke can still absorb majority of his attacks. However, naruto can still fight without using said attacks. And if he can pull this much chakra on his own to equal that of bijuu then he is unlimited. Sasuke however with his own chakra is limited but has rinnegan to make up for it. Naruto can fight using taijutsu, clones and TSB. He’ll only use FRS and BD to negate sasuke using attacks Like his susano arrow. He can also use that as an opportunity to overpower sasuke attack wise since sasuke won’t have bijuu to fuel his attack. Sasuke can go roundabout using amateratsu, katon, his S/T etc. This battle shows them fighting this way locks them in stalemate tho carrying on like this might lead to naruto out lasting sasuke. If sasukes uses big attacks, he risks running out of chakra which naruto can take advantage of. My point is future battles will mostly lead to draws, but naruto can win due to certain circumstances while sasuke can’t get more than a draw since his strongest form (fuelled with bijuu) ended in a stalemate.

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Naruto 698 Raw – Naruto’s Last Word

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naruto 698 chapter

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The fight has been anticlimatic from the get go. Sasuke being stronger than naruto does not make much sense at this point IMO. He does have a rinnengan but naruto should have the sage’s chakra… Sasuke having more chakra than naruto is specially asinine. Seriously, at this stage in the manga naruto running out of chakra? I get that sasuke can absorb chakra but naruto has sage chakra, the thing should kill sasuke outright. Anyways, the next stage is completely predictable. The manga is about fatalism, about repeating cycles and people being born to repeat the same thing as others. At least up to this chapter anyways. This fight is so far a repeat of hashirama vs madara…. Obviously what is in front of sasuke is a clone and just as he strikes the real naruto will land a hit on sasuke. I guess naruto can at least try to end the whole thing by no killing sasuke although in this particular case if sasuke dies it would effectively end the cycle of hatred, him being the last uchiha and all (unless he got karin pregnant). It is naruto’s chance to end the cursed sharingan once and for all. this was actually a good chapter with great fight that hasn’t been seen in so long. This is what I was waiting for. Also confirms my theory that Kyuubi Mode Naruto can shrug off Amaterasu and that Rinnegan is still his greatest weakness, regardless of what anyone says or teh experience he has. Hopefully now people will shut up about how fighting Rinnegan again and again makes him “immune” or whatever to it. And, it doesn’t matter that Naruto doesn’t have the speed or reflexes, as long as he has Kyuubi in him and its cooperation, Amaterasu is nothing more than a distraction for him. Though, wasn’t that a cl- nvm, doesn’t make a difference. If a clone could do that, then the real body should be able to as clones aren’t that resilient. This was an awesome fight, and I loved seeing both get back to basics, especially Naruto. I still don’t see Naruto dying, he’ll either stop Sasuke, or Sasuke will stop out of choice. This sort of fight should be up Naruto’s alley as he used to fight exhausted but without even thinking about giving up back in Part I. SHINE NARUTO, SHINE! Without the usual asspulls though.

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Naruto 698 Chapter – Sakura Stop the Battle

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naruto 698 chapter

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I’m of two minds on this whole issue. On the one hand, Sauske can certainly handle “natural energy”. I mean, that’s what the Curse Seal pretty much was – a person being imbued with Jugo’s ability to use natural energy. It isn’t Sage mode. It’s more like “Sage Lite”. So Sage Chakra is different than just natural energy. Sage Chakra is a fusing of 33% physical energy, 33% spiritual energy, and 33% natural energy. So Sauske can handle Natural Energy, but not Sage chakra. Preta Pain was juiced with a buttload of just Natural energy. He couldn’t handle it, so he petrified. It takes a lot more natural energy to go into Sage mode than it does to manifest the Curse mark though. So I’m not really sure if Naruto pulled in that much nature energy whether or not Sauske could handle it. When Sauske was given a bunch of Jugo meat after he got clobbered by Bee, he wasn’t suddenly given his Curse mark back. So just getting a bunch of Jugo meat didn’t give him any real powers. It just healed him. Likewise, I don’t think what Kabuto did to him gave Sauske any powers or abilities either. It was just Kabuto healing Sauske. Hagoromo stated that the Rinnegan is awakened when Indra’s chakra is mixed with Ashura’s. It’s not really from Hashirama’s DNA, it’s from the Ashura chakra that was in his body. So when Hashirama gave Sasuke some chakra, it gave him the prerequisites to awaken the Rinnegan. It’s why he had a Rinnegan when got back up off the ground. Just like how Naruto obtaining truthseekers came from him having juubi chakra. It’s why he had them when he got up off the ground. Hagoromo didn’t give Sasuke a Rinnegan, and he didn’t give Naruto bujougoma. He did however give them his special chakra. I believe that’s the reason Sasuke’s Rinnegan took the tomoe form.

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Naruto 689 Prediction – Kaguya’s True Power

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naruto 689 chapter

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[Giant Perfect Sussano floats above looking at chakra arm impaled in ground.]
Kakashi(angry face): as Sensei I will protect them at all cost !
[Close up on Kakashi and Sakura’s faces enveloped by Sussano’s thick chakra ]
Sakura(smilling): I will join to help them
[Black Zetsu’s face inside ripped Kaguya’s sleeve laughs]
Black Zetsu: The Perfect Sussano is really surprise and unexpected occurrence . However you are just another fly in front of my Mother, haha
Black Zetsu(watches kakashi’s angry face): Don’t make such face, you are no more worm but fly.
Naruto(with anger): Shut up Black Zetsu ?!(feel changes occuring to kaguya)
[Many chakra arms are shown heading towards Kakashi with Sakura inside Perfect Sussano]
Kakashi(serious): Let’s do it, Sa ?! (grab his stomach) *Every cell in my body hurts, why….*
[Insinde white void Young Obito faces young Kakashi who snap out from pain upon saying Obito]
Obito(annoyed): Are you already goona give up, Kakashi ? You are not alone, don’t forget about it !
Kakashi: ?! Argh…. Damn you are right. Keep watching me Obito, Rin !
[Kakashi snap out from pain in cell in real word as chakra arms are approaching him.]
Kakashi(snaps out): no way Kamui !
[Space disorts in front of Perfect Sussano as Chakra arms pass through it]
Kakashi: (spot hole opening in Sussano’s thick chakra)Shit ! *Kamui can not pass such mass of thich chakra ! I have to warp me and Sakura fast !*
[Chakra arms bounce back upon hitting goudama as Naruto and Sasuke are shown in front of Kakashi]
Sasuke(tired): Lucky I teleported us at time. puff, huh…
Naruto(focused): Didn’t I say I won’t let you harm my friends .
Sakura(cheering): Nice one again Naruto *This Time I will help you*
Kakashi(smiles): Looks like I clinged too much to past. Now we are fighting as equal.
[Big sphere of white chakra with tailed beasts face emerging at top of it as some hands emerge]
Kaguya: *?!, I won’t loose no matter what !*
[Naruto and Sasuke are shown glaring at white chakra sphere floating in front of them ]
Naruto(senses): *There is something wrong with Sasuke’s chakra…This signature ?!*
Naruto(serious): Sasuke let’s me touch you with my seal
Sasuke(angry): There is no need ?! (feel Naruto’s mark touch his torso) ?!
Kakashi(puzzled): What are you trying to do, Naruto ?!
Sakura(worried): Are you ok, Naruto ?
[Close up panel on Naruto’s angry face ]
Naruto: I was right. *She closed chakra points, and remains of bz restrain him as she did to Madara*
Sasuke(angry): I don’t get what you mean Naruto ?! (feel Naruto forcing his chakra in Sasuke’s body)
Black Zetsu(annoyed): *shit, he found out ?!, damn !*
[Black stuff emerge blasted from Sasuke’s body then Naruto’s chakra burst through Sasuke’s body ]
Naruto: It worked, (cheer) (removes marked hand from Sasuke’s torso)
[Close up on Sasuke’s shocked look on his face]
Sasuke: ?! *My body, I can feel so much power flowing through my body !* but How ?
Naruto: ?! Umm, I believe it was when Kaguya tried to freeze us with Black Zetsu. Besides she used Gentle Fist on you few times, but it was delayed effect set by kaguya, so you got weaker and weaker.
Sasuke: (clench his fist) Now I see, They will pay for that ! (eyes BZ)
[Sasuke recalls getting hit by senbon, then blasted when He tried to cut her with PS for first time.]
Kakashi(smirks): *They have grown up so much… hehe* Ok, guys listen to ?!
[In mere second Naruto burst out in forward direction as blinding flash, Sasuke is no more. ]
Sakura: wow…
Kakashi (sighs): Looks like they are at another level, but we still can help and we will !
Black Zetsu: *Where did he go ?!* (spots Sasuke in front of himself with face lowered.)
[Close up on Sasuke’s left hand with mark as it burst with black sparks of lightining]
Black Zetsu(confident): think Sasuke, If you kill me then my mother will go mad and kill everyone[/U][/B]
Black Zetsu(checky): So what do you choose: leaving me or risking your own life killing me.
[Hand’s glow with black sparks is shown piercing through Black Zetsu impaled by Naruto’s goudama]
Sasuke(rising his face): Killing you just like that would would be mercy.
Black Zetsu(pained and scared): Don’t kill me I know secret of mother. *Mother help me, fast !*
Sasuke(shocked): Burn in hell Amaterasu ! (eyes black Zetsu after taking out hand)
Black Zetsu(in agony): No !! Mother Mother help me !
[Scene shifts back to Naruto piercing chakra arms comming from chakra sphere with goudama long sticks]
Naruto(nervous): Don’t understimate me ! *I have to watch out for her Hyuuga style attacks*
Monster: ROAR !!!
[Powerfull blast thrown Naruto backwards as it spread around]
Naruto: Woah ! (shield himself with hands rised) *Looks like she lost her mind, completly…*
[Scene shifts to Hagoromo talking with The Hokage]
Hagoromo: Get ready, everyone ! (extends both hand in Hokage direction)
[Close up view on each Hokage charging chakra]
[Hashirama and Minato enter each other respective Sage mode]
Hagoromo: ?!(notices marking on Hashirama/Minato’s faces) so you can use nature energy
Hiruzen: Great Sage, What do you know about nature energy ? What did you mean ?
Hagoromo: Don’t loose focus. I will explain meanwhile.
Hagoromo: Both, me and my brother Hamura mastered use of nature energy to degree that we could mold out own chakra with added nature energy to it creating new chakra.
Minato: Wow, Impressive but afterall you are The Sage of six paths. (focused in SM)
Hiruzen(schocked): I didn’t know Minato-kun that you have learnt Senjutsu
Minato: Well I only barerly learned it,but I never actually used it in my life
Hashirama: It seems we were unaware of many things(focused in SM)
Hagoromo: Don’t blame yourself. Lately I myself have found out about creature existence which changed my writtings on stone I wanted Indra to read and follow.
Tobirama: Who do you mean ?!
Hagoromo(frown): Black Zetsu called one. It was him who helped Madara to use him as all Indra’s descendants in the end. (sad) I would act faster if I knew…
Hashirama: Don’t blame yourself, Lord Hagoromo. If you didn’t know so it is ok. Besides Madara wasn’t such bad it was fun while it lasted (cheering)
[Hashirama laughs as Minato smiles admiting Hashirama is right. Hiruzen and Tobirama stay quiet]
Hagoromo(smiles): It seems animals I taught use of nature energy took my words to heart. How is Royal Slug Karyuu, White Snake Sage Ommaru and of course Great Toad Sage Gammaru ?!
Minato: Sorry I have never opportunity to thank Great Toad Sage Gammaru, right ?!
Hashirama: I was long time dead, but last time I saw Karyuu she was in good shape.
Hagoromo: I see. Enough of talk, Now I will absorb all of your chakra, get ready !
Hagoromo: Now, give me all you got. (closes his eyes)
[Hagoromo spirit floating in air extends both hands towards Hokage as they glow bright light]
[Scene shift back to Kaguya’s dimenssion.]
[Two Perfect Sussano appear as they swing their blades at mass of chakra resembling beast.]
[Cross panel with close up on Both Perfect Sussano’s blades slicing through mass of chakra]
[One of blade breaks while another one struggle keep slicing mass of chakra through center]
Kakashi: ?! *The blade ?! I got idea I will send all mass chakra to other dimenssion !*
Sasuke: ?! *Shit this chakra is so thick, my blade is dissolving and breaks. I only cut small part of it.*
[Sussano’ blade breaks. Chakra arms rip Sussano’s cloak apart. Small part of chakra mass separates]
[Kaguya is shown standing in void filled with whole darkness]
Kaguya: *Damn, I can not take control of my chakra* Who did draw me in ?
[Evil and loud laugh is heard spreading around]
Kaguya: Who is there ? show yourself !
[Human figure with long black spiky hair emerges from darkness as Two ripple pattern eyes can be noticed]
??????: Welcome in hell, Lady Kaguya.
Kaguya: You are ?!
[Madara same as before he absorbed Juubi in himself is shown. He has uncovered chest.]
Madara: Now, now. Don’t you know about He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. (smiles)
Kaguya: You should be dead. You exploded when I Took over your body. Now it is my body.
Madara: I found out your secret. You can inject part of yourself to control other, or restrain them
Kaguya: You are unique one for man. No matter what I will regain control.
Madara: You restrained me from within after Black Zetsu injected me. Now tell me
[Kaguya get caught by some stuff enveloping around her. as Madara laughs at her]
Madara: How it feel to get attacked by same attack. (smirks)

Side text: Sasuke finally shines again . Hagoromo vaccum chakra needed for secret technique.
Kaguya and Madara are about to have incredible hard internal fight ?!,

Naruto Manga 689 | Naruto 689 Raw

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naruto 689 spoiler

naruto 689

Kakashi getting possessed by Obito’s spirit and getting 2 MS eyes and a Madara level Susano with wings is so retarded I can’t even put it into words. I think its a big smaller but it more then compensates with his damn wings. How the fucking hell did Kakashi instantly developed a Susano like that when Sasuke needed to go trough different stages? It was NOT instant and he needed a lot of hate to keep increasing in power. Even Itachi and was not even close to this (ignoring his special weapons that are not part of Susano). Then let’s move on to Sasuke. Like what is the deal Kishi? He looks completely useless. I am not one of his biggest fans but this is getting ridiculous. He should be providing as much as Naruto in this and from where I am stating 1 of Naruto’s clones provides more then Sasuke (exaggeration a bit).

Well, that was unexpected. It also came completely out of nowhere. I am not sure if it is a bad development either, the chapter was kinda numbing in a way. Its like, “WTF did I just read” but not quite in a bad way, I seriously can’t process this. I can see why obito in his otherworld form would look like a child but acting like that? come on, he actually is a grown ass man who attempted to destroy the world. He has no business acting naruto-ish. He should be all gloomy and regretful and serious. Though that makes him too much like sasuke…. I guess being like naruto is not as bad. Still terrible though. Still, it is weird tht obito just edo tenseied himself into being kakashi’s sharingan.

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Naruto 689 Chapter | Naruto 689 Scans

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naruto 689 chapter

naruto 689 manga

What itachi did to sasuke was as minuscule as touching his forehead to transfer his doujutsu. It wasnt some complicated seal or anything, it was something as simple as touching sasuke´s forehead, and it isn´t even confirmed that the actual transfer of the eye technique happened through the forehead touch. In both itachi´s and madara´s case, we did not see them perform any seals to start up the delay tech jutsu, and since it seems to be a jutsu that only uchiha can utilize (judging from black zetsu´s words), it is likely that this technique is a doujutsu itself. We have seen many doujutsu that dont need any seals to be activated, and since we have never seen any hand seals for this delay tech jutsu either, it is safe to assume that it is a doujutsu that does not require any hand seals. Therefore, what you describe as obito´s work after he already died, can very well be something that he did before he died, just that we did not see it, just like with itachi and madara.

Now you got debunked completely. Bring on the strawman arguments. Theoretically speaking, it is even entirely possible that souls do not lose their abilities in the pure world (or limbo in the case of obito and rin, since i think they are in the same place as kakashi and his dad were), but they can only interact with other souls in the limbo/pure world. Well, since obito is one of the few people that has a jutsu that allows travel between dimensions, it is not far fetched that he can use kakashi as an entry point to get his soul to manifest in the impure world. Its just that he cannot physically manifest (since he has no living body), but since he didnt do that it didnt defy any of the limitations that the narutoverse has established.

You might technically even be able to rinne tensei yourself to the land of the living again, but since the rinne tensei jutsu takes away the life of the user, you would immediately go back to being dead. There are many reasonable arguments to be made for why it does make perfect sense (inside the narutoverse), why obito was able to transfer his eyes post portem. I dont think kishimoto will make a big deal out of it, because it seems fairly reasonable as is, even if he does not explain anything.

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Naruto 688 : Kaguya’s Trap

naruto 688 manga

naruto 688

Naruto 688 : Kaguya’s Trap
( Naruto rip off Kaguya’s left hand. )



(Sasuke swing his sword so strongly that kaguya got hit and throw ed in to a wall of cliff )


KAGUYA : These are nothing..

( Kaguya’s arm slowly regenerate and other wounds from susano start healing )

SAKURA : What a healing power ?

NARUTO : My body ?

( Black zetsu slowly spreading over Naruto )

NARUTO : When did you ?

BLACK ZETSU : When you ripped mother’s arm From that arm I slowly extended my body towards you.

Mother I have got one.

KAGUYA : Well done my child.

( Kaguya makes ash bones from her arm and shoot towards Naruto. )

(Suddenly black zetsu got hit. )

KAGUYA : How did he ?


NARUTO : Sasuke thanks

SASUKE : This is what happens when you let your anger control you.

I can’t waste my chakra on you any more…

So stay focused.

NARUTO : Damn you are always like this.

KAGUYA: [ That boy seems have the ability to swap the positions of the boject in an instant. ]

BLACKZETSU : Mother help me.

(kaguya fly towards crumbling black zetsu and make the crumbling fast.. )

KAGUYA: sorry my child there is no escape from those wounds.

NARUTO : What a shitty Mother…

KAGUYA : Don’t compare me with humans.

NARUTO : As a mother you should protect you son\daughter.

( Naruto remember his Mother kushina and Sasuke remember his mother Mikoto. )

NARUTO : But you are a shame to all mothers.

( Suddenly Naruto’s chakra burst in to extreme. )

SASUKE : Naruto what are you doing ?

NARUTO : I don’t know .Some thing happening to my chakra.

(Sasuke close his sharingan eye and look through rinnegan eye )

( He see large amount of chakra entering in to every ones body but nothing comes out

except from Kaguya’s body . The cells of every one dies and grow rapidly. )

SAKURA : Where was my wound ?

( Sakura examine her hand. )

KAKASHI : Something fishy about this dimension.

SASUKE : This dimension has intense amount of chakra flow than other dimension we have seen

With these chakra entering in to our body cells are rapidly die and new cells grow in an instant.

If we stay in this dimension for too long ..That will be the end for us.

NARUTO : May be Sakura chan and kakashi sensei are not aware of this.

KGUYA : [ Seems like they already know the secret about this dimension.

They will attack at any time. ]

SASUKE : We need to finish this soon.

NARUTO : This time we will go with your plan.

( Suddenly Kaguya rush towards at them with extended Ash bones in the arm. )

KAGUYA : You may be already know that but it’s too late.

Naruto and Sasuke quickly move away from there.

( Naruto send a gudou dama at her. )

( A dimension portal appear around her. )

SASUKE : Not that again.

( The gudou dama didn’t explode )

( Suddenly the dimension portal is swapped by Sasuke )

NARUTO : Sasuke this is the time !

( Naruto show the ‘sun” sign on the hand towards her. )


( Sasuke also show the ‘crescent-moon ‘ sign towards her. )

A white light surround kaguya.

SASUKE and NARUTO : Seal !!


Does Sasuke and Naruto finally accomplished sealing her ?? !

Stay tuned for next chapter to know what happened to Kaguya