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Kakashi getting possessed by Obito’s spirit and getting 2 MS eyes and a Madara level Susano with wings is so retarded I can’t even put it into words. I think its a big smaller but it more then compensates with his damn wings. How the fucking hell did Kakashi instantly developed a Susano like that when Sasuke needed to go trough different stages? It was NOT instant and he needed a lot of hate to keep increasing in power. Even Itachi and was not even close to this (ignoring his special weapons that are not part of Susano). Then let’s move on to Sasuke. Like what is the deal Kishi? He looks completely useless. I am not one of his biggest fans but this is getting ridiculous. He should be providing as much as Naruto in this and from where I am stating 1 of Naruto’s clones provides more then Sasuke (exaggeration a bit).

Well, that was unexpected. It also came completely out of nowhere. I am not sure if it is a bad development either, the chapter was kinda numbing in a way. Its like, “WTF did I just read” but not quite in a bad way, I seriously can’t process this. I can see why obito in his otherworld form would look like a child but acting like that? come on, he actually is a grown ass man who attempted to destroy the world. He has no business acting naruto-ish. He should be all gloomy and regretful and serious. Though that makes him too much like sasuke…. I guess being like naruto is not as bad. Still terrible though. Still, it is weird tht obito just edo tenseied himself into being kakashi’s sharingan.

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What itachi did to sasuke was as minuscule as touching his forehead to transfer his doujutsu. It wasnt some complicated seal or anything, it was something as simple as touching sasuke´s forehead, and it isn´t even confirmed that the actual transfer of the eye technique happened through the forehead touch. In both itachi´s and madara´s case, we did not see them perform any seals to start up the delay tech jutsu, and since it seems to be a jutsu that only uchiha can utilize (judging from black zetsu´s words), it is likely that this technique is a doujutsu itself. We have seen many doujutsu that dont need any seals to be activated, and since we have never seen any hand seals for this delay tech jutsu either, it is safe to assume that it is a doujutsu that does not require any hand seals. Therefore, what you describe as obito´s work after he already died, can very well be something that he did before he died, just that we did not see it, just like with itachi and madara.

Now you got debunked completely. Bring on the strawman arguments. Theoretically speaking, it is even entirely possible that souls do not lose their abilities in the pure world (or limbo in the case of obito and rin, since i think they are in the same place as kakashi and his dad were), but they can only interact with other souls in the limbo/pure world. Well, since obito is one of the few people that has a jutsu that allows travel between dimensions, it is not far fetched that he can use kakashi as an entry point to get his soul to manifest in the impure world. Its just that he cannot physically manifest (since he has no living body), but since he didnt do that it didnt defy any of the limitations that the narutoverse has established.

You might technically even be able to rinne tensei yourself to the land of the living again, but since the rinne tensei jutsu takes away the life of the user, you would immediately go back to being dead. There are many reasonable arguments to be made for why it does make perfect sense (inside the narutoverse), why obito was able to transfer his eyes post portem. I dont think kishimoto will make a big deal out of it, because it seems fairly reasonable as is, even if he does not explain anything.

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