Naruto 699 Chapter – A New Dream For Every Ninja

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As for absorbing justsus, its clear sasuke can’t absorb and dish out attacks at the same time. Naruto didn’t throw any jutsu first, his jutsus were done to counter sasuke. If a bijuudama and susano arrow are about to clash, them Sasuke surely can’t absorb it. Considering sasuke was the one going for the kill, he dished out attacks first. If there was a panel where naruto threw something which sasuke didn’t absorb, then we can call plot. As for absorbing narutos chakra, sasukes has to be touching him, something that isn’t exactly easy. As far as I’m concerned there wasn’t anytime that sasuke could have absorbed that he didn’t. Their fight was a stalemate because when sasuke throws an attack, naruto does one to counter which sasuke can’t absorb because of the clash. Sasuke didn’t get to touch naruto and absorb his chakra because naruto could evade him with his superior senses and speed. However in future fights naruto might have the upper arm. As ninjabot rightly observed naruto not going for the kill is a bit trivial considering sasuke can still absorb majority of his attacks. However, naruto can still fight without using said attacks. And if he can pull this much chakra on his own to equal that of bijuu then he is unlimited. Sasuke however with his own chakra is limited but has rinnegan to make up for it. Naruto can fight using taijutsu, clones and TSB. He’ll only use FRS and BD to negate sasuke using attacks Like his susano arrow. He can also use that as an opportunity to overpower sasuke attack wise since sasuke won’t have bijuu to fuel his attack. Sasuke can go roundabout using amateratsu, katon, his S/T etc. This battle shows them fighting this way locks them in stalemate tho carrying on like this might lead to naruto out lasting sasuke. If sasukes uses big attacks, he risks running out of chakra which naruto can take advantage of. My point is future battles will mostly lead to draws, but naruto can win due to certain circumstances while sasuke can’t get more than a draw since his strongest form (fuelled with bijuu) ended in a stalemate.

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