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Bartolomeo just gained the Nakama Seat right there with those techniques and this crazy devotion. Those rage tears. Love him. Actually, if Oda manage to tone down the fanboy persona, I’m all up to see him join. Can’t wait to read what’s all about with Cabbage, but he was cool in this chapter too, even if not as cool as Bartolomeo and, yeah, a pain in the ass. Gladius was a great fighter. The ones saying that his Devil Fruit is just a copy paste of Mr 5 power are numb… Apples and oranges. But I’m so proud of Robin. The way she man handled Cavendish, no, Hakuba, and her coming to the Flower Field all badass and ready to KICK Diamante’s ugly fart face with MANY MANY foots. She will not give the Father/Daugther a hand, though. Get real. She will give them THOUSANDS of dem bitchslap hands. FINALLY, after all those years, Nico Robin shines again. Oda definitely cares. Hakuba was quite hyped in the tournament but he doesn’t look that strong, if Robin (mid-tier Strawhat, almost comparable to Franky) is just able to destroy him without really trying. We could then expect much better from the monster trio than already showcased. Very interesting. Gladius’s fight was disappointing and boring as I expected it would be and as I expected he was one-shotted like everyone else. I don’t really understand how he allowed himself to get hit by Bartolomeo’s Luffy-impersonating Pistol attack, but whatever. Real shame cause Gladius was such a cool character. Could’ve done so much more with him. Looks like Robin might get a serious fight. I’ve never been interested in Robin’s DF ability, which is why I liked that she doesn’t get fights against main enemies. But oh well, I suppose since she’s here, Oda has to give her some spotlight, considering Kyros really is no match for Diamante, at least not alone anyway. I guess we’re onto Diamante, Pica, and maybe Trebol, although there’s nobody to fight him so I’m just gonna assume he’s defeated already. At the very least, I hope Zoro vs. Pica gets proper showtime since that is one of the fights I’ve been looking forward to since Zoro fight encountered Pica way back!

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